A NoSQL database environment is a non-relational database system that allows for the fast organization and analysis of disparate and high-volume data types.

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    CouchDB memory consumption rising over time

    I'm running a CouchDB (2.3.1) on Ubuntu 16.04 with 1GB of memory. While my Node Server constantly consumes around 35MB, the CouchDB memory usage increases over time (see my Droplets Memory Graph (
    Accepted Answer: It is normal to see a database, including CouchDB increasing memory consumption over time. This is because as a database serves more requests it will cache more results. This way it can return the results faster. You ...
    1 By coffeerushapps Databases NoSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    I want to run on Digital Ocean noSQL database, especially, eXist-db. Which droplet should I start with?

    I need to run noSQL database, especially, eXist-db so called High-performance native XML database engine available at on Digital Ocean. I have two questions: 1. Which...
    1 By Khaoss NoSQL
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    Trouble securing mongodb

    So i've set up an ubuntu 16.04 droplet, that contains a keystonejs app. Apart from the obvious I've installed a mongodb to run on the droplet to contain the collections from the keystonejs app. Everything runs and wor...
    0 By yatesgregory92 Node.js NoSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Kafka requires Zookeeper, but the 'Installing Kafka' tutorial doesn't install Zookeeper. Then Kafka magically works anyway? What? How?

    Hello, all, I'm new to Ubuntu, Kafka, and Zookeeper, and this has me puzzled. From everything I've read, Zookeeper is part and parcel to Kafka. However, the tutorial here (
    2 By abelwingnut Apache Big Data DigitalOcean Articles Development NoSQL Ubuntu 18.04
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    I want to start up a shared hosting service that supports nodejs, php, perl and python. Which droplet should i go for?

    I would to know if it is supported. I want to allocate 10Mbts bandwidth to persons with 10gb ansfer per month, is it ok for me to make it unmetered? Plus what is the speed of transfer per second?
    1 By lawrencemiracle72 Nginx Node.js NoSQL MySQL Python PHP CentOS
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    Data Migration between different Databases

    I have about 1000 of tables in mysql databases, whole mysql DB data is about 100GB, I need to migrate it to Cassandra, also mysql data grows every second. I already tried to search the solution, but no luck. maybe I n...
    1 By datopipo Big Data MySQL Databases NoSQL Debian
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    How to host Node.js Auth service, Match service, Chat service with MongoDB, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ?

    So I have Nginx in front 4 Node.js apps where API Gateway -> services Auth service -> MongoDB Match service -> Neo4j Chat service -> PostgreSQL Redis pubsub for the server-client connection, mostly for chat and match ...
    2 By booboothefool Scaling Deployment PostgreSQL MongoDB NoSQL Node.js Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04
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    Host CouchDB 2.0

    Hello, I'm very new to DigitalOcean and getting a server setup. Is this tutorial still current? I know CouchDB is at 2....
    2 By dhndeveloper NoSQL
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    Is there anybody that is capable and want to help man in need. I have a .net web api and mongo db database that needed to be deploy on DO.

    I have a .net web api and mongo db database that needed to be deploy on DO but dont know how. I am willing to pay if someone can help me out with this. Thanks in advance guys. I am non tech guy.
    0 By vidovicbranko Applications MongoDB Deployment NoSQL
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    Can you make a Parse server droplet?

    Parse is being retired in 2017 - And Azure, Amazon, Google already have a migration button on parse's migration WIKI - I know there is a DigitalOCean tutorial on migration, here
    2 By hjgabrielsen MongoDB Node.js Deployment NoSQL Ubuntu
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    Connecting to Casandra from remote machine

    Hi All, I want to ask for your help on how i can connect to my cassandra DB on my droplet from remote machine. I did everything that is written in this article: Install Cassandra (
    2 By fstafai DigitalOcean Articles One-Click Install Apps DigitalOcean NoSQL
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    When i try open ip got error

    This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
    2 By Kapec MySQL Apache NoSQL
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    How to export/restore in mongodb?

    Hello! I have a local mongo db and I want to transfer it into my ubuntu machine. So far i have exported the local db issuing the command below: mongoexport --db local_db --collection myCollection --out myCollection.js...
    1 By can3los MongoDB Configuration Management NoSQL Ubuntu
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    How can I use "c++ bson extension" for Mongodb (with Nodejs) on Ubuntu droplet?

    Hi, I just deployed an Node.js + ExpressJS + MongoDB on an Ubuntu droplet and, although locally everything works great, here I get this message: [Error: /home/..username../..appname../node_modules/mongodb/node_module...
    1 By cosminatomei Node.js MongoDB NoSQL DigitalOcean Nginx Ubuntu
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    MySql Replication - Master as slave and slave as master

    Hi , I have a setup were Master and slave are running , i want to do the cut over process to make the Slave as master and stop the old master . So i want to know the process which should be followed. Thanks you A...
    1 By Kartik76 MySQL MongoDB NoSQL
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    Mysql stops and my wordpress stops working

    Hello everyone: I am new to this server, apparently it is a mysql problem that stops when you consume too many resources, someone can help me. I have a VPS with 500MB Ram digitalocean with Centos 6.5 x64 This is the c...
    3 By jhoedram Configuration Management Apache MySQL NoSQL Scaling WordPress Control Panels CentOS
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    How can I connect Apache Cassandra to NodeJS One-Click Application Images?

    Hi All, I have two droplets. Droplet 1: Cassandra on 14.04 Droplet 2: node v4.4.3 on 14.04 I have configured Cassandra as per this article:
    1 By Brooky Node.js NoSQL
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    apt-get command not found.

    Users-MacBook-Air:~ user$ apt-get update -bash: apt-get: command not found Users-MacBook-Air:~ user$
    2 By navalkishoregr NoSQL PHP PHP Frameworks
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    Is possible to have XFS on Ubuntu?

    Hi, I need to have a XFS on Ubuntu, is possible it? XFS is strongly recommended for a lot of software such as NoSQL databases... In other case, Can I create and mount a XFS partition into on ext4 ubuntu droplet? Than...
    1 By i22jualj Server Optimization NoSQL Ubuntu
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    Is MySQL Database Corrupt?

    Hi, I've had the "Error establishing a database connection" for several days now. I've tried restarting the droplet but to no avail. I've ran a mysql error log and got this back (pl...
    1 By administrator72 NoSQL