ActOnCloud helps you to provision, govern, optimise and autoscale your application on any cloud.

ActOnCloud complements DigitalOcean features and offers enterprise readiness with the following features:

Autoscaling Droplets

  • Provision Droplets and Autoscale Droplets automatically
  • Receive alerts when certain thresholds are reached


  • From a single pane of glass, get visibility into your DO usage across multiple teams
  • Generate usage reports from a easy to use filtering interface
  • Generate Charge-back reports for multiple teams using resources across multiple DO teams or accounts
  • Deploy approval workflows to approve or reject creation of Droplets
  • Define granular level of resource restrictions for your team

Policy Engine for Droplets

  • Group your droplets based on teams, based on application type and take control
  • Deploy rules and policies to keep your droplets always up and running
  • Automate repetitive tasks on your droplets
  • In case of a failure, generate Root Cause Analysis report to shorten your debugging time

Monitoring Droplets

  • Monitor your Bandwidth Usage
  • Monitor CPU, RAM Usage and raise alerts

Provision & Control Droplets

  • Spin one or more droplets with user-data from ActOnCloud Interface
  • Provision Droplets Across any regions of Digital Ocean
  • Manage your droplets – Start, Stop, Reset
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