Countly Digital Ocean installer

Digital Ocean one-click installer for Countly mobile & web analytics platform

This is a quick installer for Countly mobile & web analytics platform. Upon installation, users will be presented by the latest instance of Countly and get immediate access to Countly Community Edition functions. With Countly, you can monitor and analyse your mobile and web apps, collect crash reports and send push notifications to users, on your own Digital Ocean server.

Feature list:

  • Mobile and web analytics
  • Crash reporting (iOS, Android and Javascript)
  • Custom event tracking and segmentation
  • Push notifications
  • Country-based tracking
  • User loyalty tracking
  • Session and session frequency tracking
  • Device type and model tracking
  • Carrier tracking
  • Application version tracking
  • Platform and platform version tracking
  • Runs on MongoDB and Node.js
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Visual and command line management
  • Data export feature for 3rd party visualization/BI apps

The same user interface can be used for both mobile and web apps, and UI changes itself accordingly when viewing an application type. Web analytics includes detailed analytics, including views, browsers, entry and exit pages, bounces and user acquisition sources with the help of an “all-web-sites” dashboard from a bird’s view. Note that you’ll need at least 1 GB of RAM with 1 core, which can handle several hundreds of thousands of mobile or web users monthly.

by: Onur Alp Soner March 20, 2016 Visit Site Ubuntu
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