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Jotjpn provide white label solution to manage digitalocean droplets. Clients can create & manage droplets in your portal. You can charge as per usage.

Jotjpn provide white label solution to manage digitalocean droplets by APIs. Your clients can create and manage droplets in your portal. Application automatically charge for service by adding your margin in pricing. You can resell cloud hosting to your customers.

Features we are offering

  1. White label solution (Start with your own brand name & logo)
  2. Add server region (Location), Like Bangalore, UK, New York
  3. Add Server type. Like Standard, General Purpose, CPU Optimized, Memory Optimized.
  4. Add Server configuration and assign to server type. Like 1CPU & 1GB Ram, 2CPU & 2GB Ram etc…
  5. Support various operating system (Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20 etc…)
  6. Your clients can register an account and create required server instantly.
  7. Your clients can add multiple ssh key (Which required to create server and connection)
  8. Your clients can monitor server performance (CPU consumption and free RAM)
  9. Clients can perform various actions on server through application. Like Reboot, shutdown, power on and destroy.
  10. Payment gateway integration (Paypal & Razorpay). Your clients can add fund online with integrated payment gateways.
  11. Automatic billing cycle, application charge all clients for their running servers on hourly basis.
  12. Server’s hourly cost will be deducted from their account balance.
  13. All servers will be forced turn off, if account balance went to below threshold value defined in config file.
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