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How to Migrate DigitalOcean Snapshots Between Regions

PostedJuly 14, 2014 45.4k views DigitalOcean


If you are interested in migrating your data between DigitalOcean datacenters, you can do so easily by transferring a snapshot of the Droplet between regions from the images page in the DigitalOcean control panel.

Beginning in October 2016, snapshots cost $0.05 per gigabyte per month, based on the amount of utilized space within the filesystem. Since transferring your snapshots to other regions takes up additional space, your total costs will reflect the cost of storing the snapshot, multiplied by the number of regions that the snapshot has been transferred to.

Step One — Snapshot your Droplet

To transfer your data, you'll need to take a snapshot of your server. First, power off the server from the command line. While it is possible to take a snapshot of a live system, powering down ensures that the filesystem is in a consistent state:

sudo shutdown -h now

Once your Droplet is off, go ahead and take a snapshot of it via the DigitalOcean control panel or API.

Your server will power on as soon as the snapshot has completed.

Step Two — Transfer Your Snapshot

After you have taken a snapshot of your server, it will be be available for deployment within its original datacenter: for example, a snapshot taken in New York 3 can be used to deploy a new Droplet in New York 3. To use the image in another datacenter, you need to transfer the image to the desired region. This can be done easily from the images page.

To start, find the snapshot that you are seeking to migrate, click on the Edit region availability icon, and select the region or regions that you'd like to transfer to:

Once you've selected the regions, the snapshot transfer will begin.

Step Three — Deploy Your Snapshot in the New Region

Once your image has transferred, you can deploy it in your new chosen region.

From the Droplet create screen, enter your preferences as you normally would and select the transferred snapshot from the Snapshots tab.

Your new Droplet will be created using the snapshot that was transferred from the other region!


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