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Release Notes

UpdatedMarch 15, 2018 5.4k views DigitalOcean

Release notes track incremental improvements and major releases for the DigitalOcean Cloud Platform.

March 2018

March 14

February 2018

February 15

  • Resolved an issue where some Spaces customers were being rate limited even though they were well below the rate limiting threshold.

February 12

  • Number of days left in your 60 day Spaces free trial is now shown on trial opt-in page and on details modal.
  • Added improvements to reduce timeouts on the Spaces API.

February 6

  • Block storage cluster in Bangalore and London upgraded to Ceph Luminous, reducing median cluster latency by 50%

February 2

January 2018

January 29

  • Spaces now support:
    • version 4 of pre-signed URLs, allowing for easier use of 3rd party S3 compatible libraries.
    • scheduled deletion of objects via bucket lifecycle methods in the Spaces API.
    • previews of image, audio, and video files that are moused over in the Control Panel file browser.

January 25

  • Spaces are now available in the Singapore (SGP1) region.

January 17

  • Static Site Hosting and Custom Domains for Spaces have been released in Private Beta. Email to participate.

January 16

January 9

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