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    Mail server on a Wordpress Install

    Hi, From what you have mentioned, i guess you need to have your own email address on your domain, something like yourname@yourn…
    By ajay.kudva
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    MySql going down frequently - Magento and Wordpress on Small Droplets

    A Dev Magento site installation on 512MB droplet with very few prducts and absolutely rare visits. DB isnt grown big enough, even then mysql going down frequently. Another small droplet for couple of low visits wp s...
    2 By ajay.kudva
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    Domain Not pointing to the Directory defined in v irtualhost

    Ubuntu 14 , LAMP Even after defining the vitualhost in apche2/sites-available/ the domain is still pointing to the var/www/html (which is the default root of server) The actual directiry defined fo...
    3 By ajay.kudva