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    Park domains by nameserver

    Thanks newhosting2015 did your setup involve creating a host for each different domain manually. what my client needs is for anythi…
    By anthony.ifon
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    Park domains by nameserver

    I'm not sure if this is a digital ocean thing but cant seem to find a answer anywhere how would I go about setting up a droplet to act as a parking page. What I want is set similar to sedo were when you use there name...
    3 By anthony.ifon DNS LAMP Stack
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    Is it posible to resolve 1000's of domains to the same droplet

    IS it possible to point 1000's of domains to a lander page on a droplet with custom name servers or similar Say I had 10000 names with, Can I have them all load up the same index.php on a...
    1 By anthony.ifon DNS Apache