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    Should I wait to associate my droplet with a domain name before issuing a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate?

    I am relatively new to SSL certs, but I am assuming that would be a bad idea since all my droplet would have is an IP address. If I issue the cert now, before setting up the domain name, I assume it will break the SSL...
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    Could DigitalOcean use Secure Shell (Chrome Web App) for the online terminal

    Their current browser command line is really slow and sometimes has issues like freezing when there are big processes going on. The Chrome web app Secure Shell (
    Accepted Answer: Secure Shell is a pretty great chrome extension, let me give some background on it that I think might explain why DigitalOcean can't use something like that for the Web Console: Secure Shell is only available as a Chr...
    1 By arsbanach System Tools Control Panels
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    Are there any benefits of using IPv6 for a simple WordPress website?

    I see I can choose t use it pretty easily, but I'm not doing anything more advanced than setting up a WordPress site. Can someone ELI5 me the benefits, if any, there would be to me choosing to enable this? Also, why i...
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    How to access MySQL from command line

    I am pretty new to command line, so I think I am simply not understanding something. I set up a one-click install of WordPress on my droplet and then logged in to root@mydropletsipaddress successfully. I wanted to mes...
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    Is there any reason to use SSH to set up a WordPress site?

    If I just want a WordPress site and will be editing it only using WordPress, is there any reason for me to set up SSH?
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