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    How to revert to password login from ssh key login for root

    Hello, I was working to add a new user on our droplet, and I accidentally disabled the root user ssh key login. Is there a way to revert back to password login for the root user? If I set PasswordAuthentication to yes...
    1 By avebury Ubuntu 18.04
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    Does Resetting Root User Password Affect Sudo Users?

    I am currently able to login a sudo user via the console on our Droplet. However, I am unable to login as root. Should I go through the root user password reset process? If I do that, will that affect the login for th...
    2 By avebury Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx
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    Correct way to write 301 redirect?

    My question is in regards to the correct way to write a 301 redirect from requests to our old site URLs. When we go live, we need the following redirect: (.*)*)  —> ...
    1 By avebury Nginx Ubuntu 18.04