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    CouchDB memory consumption rising over time

    I'm running a CouchDB (2.3.1) on Ubuntu 16.04 with 1GB of memory. While my Node Server constantly consumes around 35MB, the CouchDB memory usage increases over time (see my Droplets Memory Graph (
    Accepted Answer: It is normal to see a database, including CouchDB increasing memory consumption over time. This is because as a database serves more requests it will cache more results. This way it can return the results faster. You ...
    1 By coffeerushapps Databases NoSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Unable to access CouchDB via SSL on Ubuntu

    I'm trying to access my CouchDB installation on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS via SSL. The command curl -k -v https://localhost:6984 produces the following output: * Rebuilt URL to: https://localhost:6984/ * Trying
    1 By coffeerushapps Nginx Initial Server Setup Databases Ubuntu 16.04