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    Ghost Stopped Working at Domain URL

    Thanks @hansen That solved the problem. Not sure how or why that got added.
    By collin.moore
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    Ghost Stopped Working at Domain URL

    Restarted Ghost recently and not can't get to the site via the domain URL. Not sure what happened. Tried looking into config.js and sites-enabled with no help. Any ideas? sites-enabled ``` server { listen 80; ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @collin.moore Did you try to add https at some point? Remove this line from Nginx configuration and restart Nginx: return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri;
    2 By collin.moore Ghost Ubuntu
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    Can't upload images to Ghost blog

    Started a Ghost blog using the preset application and when I attempt to upload an image it will fail. Just gives a 'Something Wrong'. Checked the nginx config file for upload size and the permissions to the uploads fo...
    3 By collin.moore
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    .htaccess on LAMP 14.04?

    Trying to lock down www/html/ using .htaccess on a LAMP 14.04 deployment, and having a tough time. Documentation is all over the place without a clear answer. Tried updating 000-default.conf Tried updating .htaccess t...
    2 By collin.moore