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    Am I reaching the limits of my droplet?

    Thank you for your time here is what i have found: LOAD = load average: 3.09, 1.51, 1.21 MEMORY USE = MEM: total = 2002…
    By diego_cuevas
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    Am I reaching the limits of my droplet?

    Hello guys, i currently have a business and we host our client’s websites on a single droplet (2 GB Memory / 40 GB Disk / AMS2) in total we have: 22 domains 16 of them have are active wordpress sites, but these don't...
    2 By diego_cuevas DigitalOcean Networking WordPress MySQL Ubuntu
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    Prestashop response time at 1.2 seconds (Google Speed site test)

    Droplet created in ubunto 2 gb ram, 40 ssd space, After installing the prestashop clean i was doing 0.5,seconds of loading time, after a couple of weeks working on it, went straight to 1.2 seconds. optimized all th...
    3 By diego_cuevas DigitalOcean PHP Ubuntu