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    Does Spaces support the 'Content-Range' header

    I want to download only a specific byte range in a large file stored on Spaces. Is this supported?
    1 By domvragh DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Setting TTL on object in Spaces (Not talking about CDN)

    Is there a way to set a TTL at upload time on an object? I use Spaces for logging and don't want to have to manually make API calls to delete data every few weeks.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Thanks for reaching out to DigitalOcean! I’m not sure what exactly you mean by TTL value for objects. In general, the TTL value at CDN which will be applied for all the objects. Please refer to below link , whi...
    1 By domvragh DigitalOcean Spaces
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    How are spaces working for other people?

    Hey Dragon, I have about 500k objects stored ranging from 1kb to 10mb averaging about 50kb. I haven’t had any problems with reli…
    By domvragh