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    Can I share an attached volume between droplets?

    Hello. I would also like to know, I intend to use Cluster with Docker and it would be interesting to use Block Storage to centrali…
    By felipo.antonoff
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    Problem with Curl or Json (Debian 7.2, PHP 5.5 e etc)

    Hi, I have a site that is running Opencart and makes payment for the Paybras, testing locally worked 100%, but in Digital Ocean Json return of payment is always null. The Firewall is empty and already installed Curl a...
    Accepted Answer: Seems like a php problem. Try adding <code>errorreporting(-1);iniset('display_errors', 1);</code> at the top of your file, does that make it output any errors? <br> <br>Do you have the curl extension installed? <pre>s...
    2 By felipo.antonoff