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    Is DigitalOcean Turkey, an official website?

    Hi. I'm searching DigitalOcean in google. I found DO Turkey. Your official website? I found But, this site gives a fraudulent reference link. Example: =...
    2 By goren.ali
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    Mysql can't be started (start job failed to start error)

    Hi i can't mysql server. I use Ubuntu 14.04 2 gb droplet I try: service mysql start i get error start job failed to start i try this command this command output: (
    7 By goren.ali
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    My droplets use high CPU.

    Hi My droplet use to high CPU. How can I solve this problem? I use Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 64x and WordPress Screenshots: Bandwith and Disk High CPU...
    1 By goren.ali