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    Block Some Countries from visiting my website

    I'm currently using NginX on my Server and i want to block some countries from visiting my website. Can anyone help me please?
    3 By hoang.kendy.2it
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    Install old version of PHP & MySQL on Ubuntu 10.04 or 12.04

    I'm using Ubuntu and i want to install old version of MySQL and PHp such as MySQL 5.2 or lower and PHP 5.2 or lower because my software isn't compatible with newer version. But i don't know how. I tried googling but d...
    1 By hoang.kendy.2it
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    Enable Mcrypt extension in NginX?

    Hi all. After i installed phpMyAdmin on NginX, i found that mcrypt extension wasn't enabled yet. I tried enabling mcrypt extension by this command :"sudo php5enmod mcrypt" and restart nginx. But it didn't work. Please...
    2 By hoang.kendy.2it