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    canceled domain still aking for payment

    DO isnt selling domains so no point writing this here.
    By infernalx
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    High CPU and High Bandwidth caused by unknown Process

    i guess you can install htop (like task manager) and check what proccess is using resources and kill it. if you are on debian/ubun…
    By infernalx
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    Cant connect with sftp

    At first everything worked, than i wanted to change home directory of user when connecting with sftp, i saw on net command usermod -d /var/www/ unstoppz after that i couldnt log anymore to sftp with that user , how...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Most likely /var/www is owned by www-data, or should be. When you changed the "unstoppz" user's home directory to that, it recognized that it had no permissions on it and that it couldn't load it's home di...
    1 By infernalx Linux Commands Debian 9