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    Can't connect Jetpack or IFTTT to Wordpress on Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP

    Dear community, I've migrated my Multisite Network from an Nginx server to a LAMP Stack (PHP7) with Ubuntu 16.04, via the export/import function. I've managed to fix most issues, but I'm still having issues with Jetp...
    2 By j.maes97 LAMP Stack PHP WordPress Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    Why am I not receiving emails from my WP installation?

    Hello guys, I've recently installed a Wordpress multisite via the One-Click Ubuntu 14 droplet. Edited the config.php to make it compatible for a multisite. Everything is working fine, domains are set up, but I am no...
    2 By j.maes97
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    WP_content & multiple WP installs

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to migrate a couple of Wordpress sites to DigitalOcean. Setting up the multiple databases wasn't a problem. I used this tutorial:
    1 By j.maes97
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    Any emailforwarding services with DigitalOcean?

    I'm currently hosting my WP sites on a crappy shared hosting package, and I'm planning on taking a VPS here at DigitalOcean. Since I'm a total newcomer in the world of dedicated servers, migration will probably be a ...
    5 By j.maes97