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    Docker & Tomcat. Handing on "Deploying web application directory"

    Turns out it did spin up after just 8 minutes… I would still like to know why it took so long! 07-Feb-2016 00:39:27.138 I...
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    Docker & Tomcat. Handing on "Deploying web application directory"

    Hey guys, To make sure I wasn't made I just spun up a new droplet and ran this command from the official tomcat docker page. ( docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8080 tomcat Logs from the ...
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    Best way to download files from VPS using a webclient?

    I would like something like owncloud, (Which may be the best) So I can browse my files from a certain area and download them from there instead of having to use FTP which is kinda slow. Thanks
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    Stream video's from Ubuntu to window's 7

    Currently I have a app on my phone which will allow me to FTP into my VPS and then stream videos from there. Currently on Windows 7 when viewing via a ftp client (Explorer / Filezilla) it will not stream but download ...
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