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    unison or Rsync for session files between servers in php app

    In my cheap config I am using 2x app servers and 1x DB server. My question now is what I should use in order to sync session files between the servers for my php app? Is unison or Rsync good here, or is there somethin...
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    Graceful restart requested, doing restart

    Thanks for your answer Kamal, <br> <br>No ofc im not, but since I have no idea whats causing the restart I just thought php could h…
    By kevin_thulin
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    Graceful restart requested, doing restart

    Hello, every sunday morning my Ubuntu server does a restart and I dont know why. These are the messages from the log files: [Sun Nov 03 07:35:03 2013] [notice] Graceful restart requested, doing restart [Sun Nov 03 07:...
    10 By kevin_thulin