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    Allowing Wordpress to update/install with SSH Keys

    Hi, Can anyone help with this. I am using centOS on a small droplet with a couple of Wordpress installs, I have SSH Keys set up however I don't want to use FTP to allow Wordpress access to auto updates and plugin inst...
    Accepted Answer: You have two options to bypass FTP. 1. First one is using Direct write to wp-content directory This method doesn't require FRP or SSH, it directly writes to wp-content directory. You must ensure before using this meth...
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    DigitalOcean vs Linode

    I think all these comparisons are fine however the question is not really about who is better but what is better for you. When it …
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    Server Specs 1 Core Equivalent to

    I was just browsing to understand this too and whilst I understand where raiyu is coming from Andrew has hit the nail on the head. …
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    bandwidth pooling

    That’s nice as it’s always been a pain with some of my providers where I have multiple VM’s and 1 is using a lot whilst others are …
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