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    Storage Solutions?

    Hi group, so I am about to start a new droplet, but this time, I am looking for suggestions in regards to storage solutions. I had a thought that I can just start a small $10 or $20 droplet for serving the website fil...
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    Storage server in another data centre + Web server question?

    Hi team! Alright, so I have been trying to find out how to solve my question but I am unsure what to call it and not coming up with results thus far. My situation is that I need a server that has 100gb+ only for stage...
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    Use DO as Webhost, Shared Server as File Storage?

    Hello, Is it possible to use DO as the main VPS Website and attach a shared hosting account through VPN/SSH Tunnel as the file storage? Kind of like having multiple VPS and NFS Mounting.
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    Advise for Wordpress Build

    Hello DO Community! Hope everyone has had an awesome new years. I am looking for advice, solutions, constructive criticism, and other ideas on what I want to achieve below. I am planning to have a gallery based Wordpr...
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    Solution to a faster website?

    I have a small droplet, 1gb of ram, 1 core. I have read that the server is not really the cause to improve website loading/page scores. I would like to know some suggestions as to what I should do next in order to imp...
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    NGINX + PHP7-FPM = Gives Blank Pages

    Hello, So I have an NGINX + PHP7-FPM setup and the whole wordpress website works great... except... for when I do thiing such as letting the plugins do work. What I mean by this is that when a plugin is importing phot...
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    Idea of 2 Droplets for one website to share the load? + More

    Does anyone have experience in having two or more droplets that are mirrored to be able to share the load, resources and/or for geographical purposes? What was your experience like with this? How did you set this up? ...
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    Does resizing Dropet to larger Plan = Increase Page Load/Performance?

    Hello, This may be quite a stupid question as I have been reading up on things to improve loading times and also performance on my Droplet but cannot get a straight answer from these articles. My question is, if I wer...
    Accepted Answer: Upgrading droplet will help you if you have high-load and high number of visitors. If you don't have high-load, high number of visitors, you should optimize website. I can recommend you running Google PageSpeed Insigh...
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    Phpmyadmin or Alternative for PHP7 + Nginx + MySql 5.7 + Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello, I have been reading up on the tutorials and some of the comments on the community pages but I would like to know if there are any better alternatives or any advice to better manage my databases. I use Phpmyadmi...
    Accepted Answer: Phpmyadmin does support PHP 7 and Mysql 5.7. I recommend you to grab latest release from their download page ( Current download link is:
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    Out Of Memory? Or Memory Leak

    I seem to have server crashes every 24-48 hours, the server memory keeps climbing up until the server runs out of memory then kills off the children. I can fix the problem by restarting php5-fpm but I don't want to ke...
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    Is it possible to combine vps to increase storage?

    Is it possible to combine multiple VPS to increase storage space? I am thinking of having a $10 VPS for the website then another $10 VPS for the storage, the two will link up together and one will just be a blank VPS ...
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    "Object Not Found" issues with Multisite + Sub Directory Install

    I have an Nginx Setup and have placed the new Mapped Domain to the Nginx Config. However I am not too sure how I can set this up since it is the first time I am setting up a Domain to a Multisite Subdomain. Here is ho...
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