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    MongoDB Security: Best Practices to Keep Your Data Safe

    MongoDB (, also known as Mongo, is a document database used in many modern web applications. As with any database management system, it's critical that those responsible for managing a Mongo d...
    By Mark Drake MongoDB Security Conceptual Networking Databases Deployment Backups
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    How To Use SQL

    Series Description Structured Query Language ( — commonly known as SQL — is a language used to define, control, manipulate, and query data held in a relational database. SQL has been ...
    By Mark Drake Databases Conceptual SQL Interactive
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    How To Manage a Redis Database

    Redis ( is an open-source, in-memory key-value data store. A NoSQL database, Redis doesn't use structured query language (, otherwise known as SQL. Redis instead com...
    By Mark Drake Redis Databases NoSQL Ubuntu 18.04 Interactive Configuration Management
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    How To Troubleshoot Issues in MySQL

    This guide is intended to serve as a troubleshooting resource and starting point as you diagnose your MySQL setup. We'll go over some of the issues that many MySQL users encounter and provide guidance for troubleshoot...
    By Mark Drake MySQL Databases Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04