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    Bad Request (400) after making supervisor restart

    After restarting my django app: supervisorctl restart [process] I've got Bad Request(400) error when visiting my site. The app is under nginx with gunicorn and supervisor. I remember to had the same problem some time ...
    2 By mikolaj.roszkowski
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    problem with installing python module / gcc

    Got through this! <br>To get it working i’ve created new droplet on ubuntu. Then upgrade your apt-get to newest version, and type t…
    By mikolaj.roszkowski
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    problem with installing python module / gcc

    Hello, i'm trying to install python module(twisted) which requires gcc to be installed. I'm very newbie to all server things, I've install gcc by using "yum install gcc" and then I tried to install "twisted" again. T...
    1 By mikolaj.roszkowski