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    Not work http access on my droplet

    Hello, after transfer my droplet to another data center, I can not access them on http, I restart server on ssh, can you consult? Thank you.
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    DKIM on DNS panel DigitalOcean

    Hello, on "DigitalOcean - DNS - View domain.tld - Add record - TXT (Enter name, Enter record) - Create" I want to add DKIM for domain on Debian (ISPConfig, Webmin), where I can...
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    2 emails per minute on Postfix

    Hi, on virtual server Debian, I installed Postfix and Mailman, I need to set up to sending 2 emails per minute on mail server, can advise how can I do that? I found in "Webmin - Services - Configuring Postfix - Edit C...
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