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    Embedded forms no longer visible ---------- X-Frame-Options

    Hi, my embedded forms recently stopped working on both my droplets. I'm currently using Machform to build and embed all my forms. The droplet Machform is hosted on is NGINX - Ubuntu 14.04. My clients are hosted on ...
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    Email solution for static domains

    Hi, I'm looking for email solutions for small clients that receive a couple emails a month through their contact form on their static website. Currently my clients are hosted on DO (Ubuntu 16), serverpilot is the cont...
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    New Metrics won't install

    Thanks xMudrii.... that solved my problem!
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    New Metrics won't install

    I tried updating to the new metrics and this is the result. curl -sSL | sh Detected Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS...installing the DigitalOcean Agent Reading package lists... Done Buildi...
    Accepted Answer: As output says, did you tried running sudo apt-get -f install? Maybe it would solve the problem.
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    No space left on device (28)

    Hi, I tried logging into my wordpress account and I receive this error: Warning: sessionstart(): open(/srv/users/serverpilot/tmp/creativesob/sessf3cf1cf81fcbd2e6cd29356c8555f074, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on devic...
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    Easiest way to migrate domains from current droplet to new droplet

    Before I mess anything up I wanted to know the easiest way to migrate existing domains and web sites to a new droplet. The current sites are static html hosted on a DO droplet and I would like to move them to a new d...
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    Google Pagespeed on Nginx through ServerPilot

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has implemented Pagespeed for an existing Nginx server through ServerPilot? I found some instructions on the ServerPilot site but I was concerned about their statement... "As using pages...
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