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    How can I get nginx to display webapp in **/here ?

    What I mean is if a proxy_pass the app at the / location I can view the app fine at my domains address but I dont want that, what I…
    By Sp4rkR4t
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    How can I get nginx to display webapp in **/here ?

    I've built a web app and now I would like to move it to it's own / location on my domain, I thought doing the following would work; location /here { proxy_pass } but that doesn't work, if I ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi! If you rewrite the URL before proxying the request to the backend, it will receive the correct URL while still being served under /here: nginx location /here { rewrite ^/here/(.*)$ /$1 break; proxy_pass ht...
    2 By Sp4rkR4t Nginx Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do I successfully install nodeBB & redis on a dokku droplet?

    Hey people, I am extremely new to node.js, NodeBB & dokku but I've been trying to set up a nodeBB forum on my dokku droplet and although I have set up redis to work with the app when I run --setup it fails to connect ...
    1 By Sp4rkR4t