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    DO Loadbalancer SSL termination multiple certificates

    Bit of a disappointing answer; but they have resolved this problem on the Digital Ocean App platform. Where you can have loads of d…
    By timleunissen
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    App Platform - Domains & Certificates limits

    Let me start-off by saying that I love the domains feature you added to the App-Platform. However I was wondering if there are any limits in place on how many domains you can support. We offer clients with a "white-la...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @timleunissen New DO accounts have a 10 domain limit, though once the account is verified that limit is increased to 512, and can be increased more by support if required. If you run into any issues submit a ticket...
    1 By timleunissen DigitalOcean App Platform DNS
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    App Platform - Following logs

    Reading through the doctl reference ( I found that it is not only possible to see the logs, but even follow them as they happen which sounds reall...
    1 By timleunissen DigitalOcean App Platform Logging