Announcing NYC3 With IPv6 Support

NYC3 is live! To keep up with the high demand for capacity on the East Coast, we've opened a new datacenter location in New York: NYC3. This will be the first US location with IPv6 support, which can be enabled during Droplet creation or added to existing Droplets. Private networking is also available in NYC3.

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Network Instability in NYC2 on July 29, 2014

Last Tuesday we suffered the second network incident in our New York 2 (NY2) region in the span of a week. This is not acceptable to us, and I want to personally apologize to everyone who was affected.

At DigitalOcean, one of our core beliefs is that our customers deserve as much transparency as possible. This applies just as much when we have problems as it does when things are going well. With that in mind we'd like to share some details on the incident and our response.

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