“We use DigitalOcean Droplets within all our data centers around the world.”

Scott Hankins, Co-Founder and CTO

How Pertino Uses DigitalOcean

The Challenge

Pertino is a modern approach to VPN designed with mobile and cloud in mind and delivered as a service. Our Cloud Network Engine lets businesses of any size build and manage cloud networks—private networks that overlay the Internet using public clouds as hubs. It's powered by software-defined networking (SDN), virtualization and big data, making it agile and extensible yet simple to use and ultra-reliable. Like a virtual switch spanning the Internet, Pertino provides seamless connectivity from anywhere.

Among the many use cases for Pertino cloud networking, it enables businesses to provide their mobile workforce with an always-on LAN experience and the freedom to work from anywhere and any device. Another use case that has proven to be compelling is deploying Pertino as a simple, secure and instant Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network.

Today's VPC solutions are optimized for connecting virtual machine instances, such as DigitalOcean Droplets, within a single cloud datacenter. As is the case with DigitalOcean's Private Networking, such connections are cloud-easy to setup and manage. However, whenever a VPC needs to stretch across the WAN, things get a lot more complicated for both the provider and customer. WAN-based VPCs are a trip down legacy lane, requiring traditional VPN technology in the form hardware or software appliances. VPC WAN implementations are complex, rely on static configurations, require customer to deploy compatible solutions and present interoperability challenges when trying to deploy a VPC across multiple cloud providers—very uncloud-like.

Pertino's 100 percent pure cloud service lets you instantly spin-up a VPC that networks your Droplets and server instances everywhere, across any provider. It's the industry's first multi-cloud, WAN-based VPC that's truly cloud-easy to setup and manage. Our Cloud Network Engine platform is built on top of public cloud infrastructure and leverages the same automation and orchestration tools used by leading cloud providers like DigitalOcean. By employing host-based software and cloud-based virtual overlay networks, Pertino's instant VPC works with all cloud providers and can connect users and private servers and public cloud instances together from anywhere in the world.

Why DigitalOcean?

The combination of competitive pricing, rapid provisioning APIs, amazing hardware, reliable VMs (Droplets) and generous and optimized network connections provide an ideal public cloud "hub" for Pertino cloud networks.

The Architectural Details

The SDN-powered elements of the Cloud Network Engine (CNE) platform run on standard Virtual Machines within public cloud data centers around the world. These elements include the CNE control plane, where all identity, policy, address space allocations and entitlements reside, and CNE data plane where customer virtual networks are instantiated and user traffic flows. Pertino deploys data plane elements across multiple public cloud providers around the world and close to customer locations. Pertino uses DigitalOcean Droplets within all their data centers around the world as distributed, high-performance data planes within our Cloud Network Engine platform.

Pertino + DigitalOcean

Pertino's strategy of enabling business customers to build simple and secure private networks over the public Internet is dependent on reliable and high-performance public cloud infrastructure. Because of this, DigitalOcean is a preferred provider of CNE data plane services.

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