DigitalOcean's virtual conference for developers, startups, and founders was held on July 9, 2024. Check out the session content and register for future Deploy events on this page.

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DigitalOcean Deploy is an ongoing series of events hosted by DigitalOcean for developers, startups, and founders alike. Sessions include hands-on tutorials for developers looking to uplevel their skills, highlights on new DigitalOcean products and features, and inspiring talks by founders on how they are scaling their businesses.

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Deploy includes top-notch sessions covering DigitalOcean cloud platform specifics, the benefits of building your AI-based apps in the cloud, and more. Watch past sessions below and on our YouTube channel.

Opening Keynote

Welcome to Deploy 2024! Join DO's CEO, Paddy Srinivasan, as he highlights the next chapter for DigitalOcean, our commitment to innovation, and a transformational experience on the platform for developers. Learn about how DO is anchored in simplicity, focused on making the latest cloud technology accessible for everyone, and powered by our ever growing community and focus on customer experience.

  • Paddy Srinivasan, CEO, DigitalOcean

Get things done with DigitalOcean

Hear from our CPTO, Bratin Saha, on what makes the DigitalOcean Platform unique, inherently efficient, and optimal for the developer experience.

  • Bratin Saha, Chief Product & Technology Officer, DigitalOcean

Build your AI-powered business with DigitalOcean

Learn all about DigitalOcean's GPU offering, and explore its many uses, discuss the future of AI/ML at DigitalOcean.

  • Dillon Erb, VP, AI Advocacy and Partnerships, DigitalOcean

Simplifying Generative AI SaaS Development with DigitalOcean

Learn how to design a generative AI SaaS using DigitalOcean, and how to deploy it effortlessly with a simple, streamlined process on Terraform.

  • Jeff Fan, Senior Solutions Engineer, DigitalOcean

Build and Co-Sell with DigitalOcean

In this session, application modernization system integrators, DevOps consultants, and independent software vendors will learn how to accelerate growth by partnering with DigitalOcean on GTM motions and other opportunities.

  • Fer Oliveira, VP, Partnerships, DigitalOcean
  • Yann Kronberg, Founder & CTO, Aquazeel
  • Kyle Campbell, Founder and CTO,
  • Johnny Dallas, Founder and CEO, Zeet

4 Years of App Platform: What's New!

In the four years since App Platform's launch, we've delivered a steady pace of features and refinements to give your app the best production experience possible. If you're a current App Platform user, tried it years ago, or have never deployed with App Platform this session will show you how to make the best of App Platform's functionality.

  • Cody Baker, Staff Engineer, DigitalOcean
  • Zach Eddy, Senior Engineer, DigitalOcean

Leveraging the DigitalOcean Marketplace

Hear from WebPros about how they took full advantage of the DigitalOcean Marketplace to attract customers and grow revenue. They'll walk you through the success they found with Droplet 1-Clicks, SaaS Add-Ons, and License Add-Ons so you can reach more customers than ever!

  • Bruno Vieira, Strategic Account Manager, Webpros

Pixels to Cloud: Building a Photo Editor powered by gRPC and DigitalOcean Spaces

Developers looking to ramp up skills: join us as we build a photo editor using Rust and incorporate gRPC for efficient inter-service communications, explaining gRPC along the way and how it benefits distributed systems. We'll also demonstrate using DigitalOcean's Object Storage (Spaces) for secure, scalable image storage. Let's go!

  • Abhimanyu Selvan, Manager, Developer Advocacy, DigitalOcean

Customer success with DigitalOcean

Join us for a panel discussion with Senior Director of Customer Success Michael Zippiroli and several DigitalOcean customers. Hear from businesses across industries who have leveraged the DigitalOcean platform to build and deploy diverse applications and achieve remarkable growth and scalability—while staying at or below budget.

  • Or Lenchner, CEO, Brightdata
  • Aleksey Kolupaev, CTO, Eduki
  • Michael Newman, VP of Engineering, CodeSignal
  • Michael Zippiroli, Senior Director, Customer Success, DigitalOcean

Managed OpenSearch on DigitalOcean

Dive into the details of using integrated product log forwarding to OpenSearch for critical production operations.

  • Zach Barahal, Manager of Engineering, DigitalOcean

Premium Compute - Introduction to the Premium Optimized Droplet Families

Learn about DigitalOcean's Premium Optimized Droplet families, how customers can use them towards specific use cases and some behind the scenes look into what went into building them!

  • Archana Kamath, Senior Director, Compute and Network, DigitalOcean

DO Load Balancer: Scaling to 1,000,000+ Connections

Behind the scenes of a DO load balancer and how we scale from 0 to 1,000,000 connections.

  • Braden Bassingthwaite, Staff Engineer, DigitalOcean

Panel: How AI innovators are growing on DigitalOcean

Panel with customers to discuss where they are at in their AI Journey

  • Zach Nussbaum, Machine Learning Engineer, Nomic AI
  • Yangqing Jia, Co-Founder, Lepton AI
  • Xiang Li, Principal Engineer, Lepton AI
  • Jacob Jackson, Founder, Supermaven
  • Dillion Erb, AI Advocacy and Partnerships, DigitalOcean

DOKS - Kubernetes Reliability

Learn the best practices for Kubernetes reliability for startups and SMBs, including how to use rightsizing, deployment strategies, pod scheduling and more to improve your Kubernetes reliability.

  • Oliver Love, Senior Engineer, DigitalOcean

Scaling for Success: How Customers are Accelerating Growth with Cloudways Managed Hosting

Web hosting buyers often make trade-offs between price, complexity, and flexibility. Cloudways—DigitalOcean's managed hosting solution—solves this problem by eliminating unnecessary overheads and technical complexity to help customers focus on growth and efficiency gains. Join this session to learn more.

  • Suhaib Zaheer, SVP Managed Hosting, DigitalOcean
  • Ayaz Khan, Director Engineering, DigitalOcean

Faster and Reliable Backups and Restores

Hear from a Droplet Storage engineer on how to take and restore backups and learn how we make taking backups fast with a differential implementation.

  • Xavier Villaneau, Senior Engineer, DigitalOcean
  • Jenni Griesmann, Staff Engineer, DigitalOcean

Building an on-ramp for businesses to begin their blockchain adventure with MultiversX and DigitalOcean

Tune in as Robert and Darian discuss the impact Sovereign Chains have on business, and how DigitalOcean was a critical partner in MultiverseX's journey.

  • Robert Sasu, Core Developer, MultiversX
  • Darian Wilkin, Solutions Architecture Manager

Cloud Buyer needs and the DigitalOcean Difference

Join Faye Hutsell in a discussion with IDC Analyst Dave McCarthy to learn more about evolving cloud buyer needs and how DigitalOcean presents the platform characteristics to be a powerful hyperscaler alternative for devs and startups looking for platform simplicity, consistent performance, cost effectiveness, access to AI, and powerful community support.

  • Faye Hutsell, VP, Product Marketing, DigitalOcean
  • Dave McCarthy, IDC Analyst

The Lean Startup Methodology Reloaded: A fireside chat with Eric Ries

In this session, Paddy and Eric will discuss the popular Lean Startup Methodology and share key advice for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs on how they can leverage the principles for their businesses.

  • Paddy Srinivasan, CEO, DigitalOcean
  • Eric Ries, Author, The Lean Startup

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