Invoices and Billing Alerts


DigitalOcean emails a PDF invoice on the first calendar day of every month for resource usage from the preceding month. Invoices detail charges you have accrued such as the Droplets you have run, how long you have run them, their size, and the cost.

If your account does not use any resources, you will not receive an invoice. At present, we cannot change invoice and billing dates. Invoices do not reflect payments you may have made via PayPal or a credit card and do not serve as receipts for any such payments.

Emails are sent to the address you provide in the account profile. You can use teams to specify multiple billing contacts.

You can customize the information displayed on an invoice, like your business contact information or DigitalOcean’s VAT identification number, by going to Settings > Edit Profile. The name, email address, company name, company address, and phone number fields are included on your invoices, and changes to this information take effect immediately on any invoices viewed thereafter.

DigitalOcean bills in USD. To keep our pricing stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates, we do not bill in local currency. Similarly, we do not invoice in local currency. All invoices are in USD.

Billing Alerts

You can opt into receiving an email alert if your monthly spending exceeds a threshold you define by enabling billing alerts.

Billing alerts are disabled by default. To enable them, navigate to the Billing options of your account. In the Billing alerts section, check the box and define the alert threshold (which is initially set to $20), then click Save.