How to Deactivate Accounts and Purge Account Data

Deactivating an account disables the account, which stops billing and prohibits future resource creation. You can choose to reactivate the account in the future with the same account history, resource limits, and verification status.

When you deactivate an account, you have the option to permanently remove the account's data from DigitalOcean, including email and billing information. Purging this data means you cannot reactivate the same account, so you would need to create and verify a new account to use DigitalOcean in the future.

Before you deactivate a personal account, you need to prepare it for deactivation:

  1. You must destroy all resources associated with the account, including:

    Kubernetes clusters may take several minutes to destroy completely. If you try to deactivate an account and receive a prompt to delete a Kubernetes cluster that you already deleted, wait a few minutes and try deactivating the account again.
  2. If you are the owner of any teams, you must either deactivate the teams or assign a different team owner. You do not need to take any action if you are a team biller or member.

  3. You must resolve any outstanding bills.

Once you complete these steps, you can deactivate your personal account from the control panel. In the Account section of the main menu, click Settings to go to the account settings page and scroll down to the Deactivate account section.

The Deactivate Account section of the account settings page.

Click Deactivate Account. When you do, a window opens to confirm the deactivation and give you the option to purge your account data.

The Deactivate Account confirmation window.

If you do not check the box next to Purge all of my account data, you can reactivate the same account in the future. This keeps the account history and resource limits.

If you check the box next to Purge all of my account data, you lose this data permanently. To use DigitalOcean again, you will need to create a new account and go through the verification process again.

Select your option, then click Deactivate Account.