Your Profile Page

On your profile page, you can edit information about your name and address or deactivate your account. You’ll also find a shortcut to enable two-factor authentication.

Edit Profile

Your profile holds the following information

Field Use
Full name Displayed on invoice
Email address Used to log in (Required)
Password Used to log in (Required)
Phone number Displayed on invoice
Company Displayed on invoice
Address Displayed on invoice and used to determine what taxes apply to your account.

DigitalOcean’s terms of service prohibit accounts registered to addresses from OFAC-sanctioned countries. For more information, including a list of countries, see the Lawful Use of the Network section in our terms of service.

Deactivate your Account

Before you can deactivate you account, you are required to:

  • Destroy all the resources associated with your account, including any teams.
  • Resolve any outstanding bills

Deactivate without purging: If you deactivate without purging, you can reactivate the same account at a later time and keep the account history and have the same resource limits that you had when you deactivated.

Deactivate and purge: This is the equivalent of deleting your account. If you decide to use DigitalOcean again, you’ll need to create a new account and go through the verification process again.