Troubleshooting Account Logins

You can log into the DigitalOcean Control Panel using a DigitalOcean username and password or with Google Single Sign On (SSO). If you’re having trouble logging in, jump to the appropriate section for troubleshooting help.

Help with a DigitalOcean Login

I forgot my username

Your username is the email you used to sign up for the account.

I forgot my password

You can request a password reset email from the login page page by following the Forgot Password? link or go directly to the Reset Password page.

There, enter your account’s email address. Note that you cannot use any other address. By sending it to your account, we’re making sure that others cannot gain access to your account.

I didn’t receive a password reset email

Email generally arrives quickly. If you haven’t received email within a few minutes:

  • Make sure you’re checking the right email address.
  • Look in your spam folder for a message titled Password Reset. If you find the message there, you may want to add and to your email whitelist.
  • If your email client needs it, be sure you’ve actively checked for new mail.

If you still don’t have a reset email, contact our support team.

I lost access to the email account I use for DigitalOcean

If you have lost access to the email account you use with your DigitalOcean account, first attempt to restore access to your email account by contacting your email administrator to enable the email account, renewing your domain’s registration, or setting up another email server.

If you have gone through these steps and cannot regain access to the email account, please submit a ticket to our support team, and they will be able to assist you further in updating your account’s email address.

Help with DigitalOcean Two-Factor Auth (2FA)

I can’t access my 2FA device

If you’ve successfully entered your username and password and are experiencing an issue with two-factor authentication, you can disable 2FA using your backup method.

  • Backup codes. Search your computer for the backup recovery codes text file, which by default would be called digitalocean_backupcodes.txt. If you find that file, use one of the codes by logging into the Control Panel and clicking Enter a backup code. Remember that if you successfully use the code, you cannot use it again, so you may want to mark it as used or delete it from the file. Enter Backup Codes

  • SMS as a backup method. Log into the Control Panel and enter your account credentials. At the Two-factor authentication screen, choose Send an SMS instead. Enter SMS Verification Code You will be prompted to enter a verification code, which you will receive via SMS at the phone number you entered when you configured SMS as your backup method.

See How to Manage Two-Factor Authentication more information on 2FA, including how to update your device.

My backup method isn’t working

If you aren’t able to use your backup method for access, our support team can help. They will need additional information in order to verify that you are the account owner. Please submit a ticket from the email associated with your DigitalOcean account and attach a legible photo of each of the following:

  • Photo of your Government issued ID (passport, drivers license, military ID)
  • Photo of you holding the ID next to the side of your face.

The name on ID in the photos must match the name for the account information that we have on file.

Help with Google SSO

I want to switch to Google SSO

If you are an existing customer and would like to enable this feature, navigate to your security settings and click Use Google SSO.

Follow the prompts from Google to authorize your account, and you’ll then be returned to your DigitalOcean account settings. On next sign in, you can use the Login with Google function.

I can’t access my Google email

If you have lost access to your Google account, you should first attempt to restore your access to that account using Google’s procedures.

If you are not able to gain access to your Google account, you will need to submit a support ticket, where the support team will guide you through verifying your identity and setting a new Google account email address for your DigitalOcean account.

I want to switch to a DigitalOcean username and password

If you wish to disable Google SSO and use a username and password for your DigitalOcean account, navigate to your security settings and click Remove Google SSO and then confirm the change via the prompt. The next time you log in, you’ll use your email address and password. If you originally signed up using Google SSO, reset your password after disabling Google SSO to set a password for your account.