How to Deploy from a Container Image


Follow the Quickstart instructions for creating a DigitalOcean Container Registry, and push your image to the registry.

Deploy Component using a Container Image as the Source

  1. Visit the Apps page and either click Create App if starting from scratch, or click an existing app to add your container image to your solution.
    • If adding an image to an existing solution, click the Components tab, then click Service, Worker, or Job.
  2. Select Container as the source for your code, and choose the image you would like to use from the Repository drop-down.
  3. On the next page, give your new component a name, and select the tag of the image you would like to deploy.
  4. Configure any details such as HTTP routes, environment variables, the run command, or the HTTP port.
  5. Select the instance size you would like to use when a container is created from the image.

Any updates to the image that matches the selected tag will automatically re-deploy the image on App Platform, unless otherwise specified.

Change the Tag of the Container Source After Deployment

You can change the tag of the container image to use as the source of an existing deployment:

  1. Visit the Apps page, click your app, and navigate to the Components tab.
  2. Click the icon for the component that you created using a container from your registry.
  3. Under the Source heading, click the Edit link. Use the Tag drop-down to select the desired tag and re-deploy your app.
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