How to View Insights in App Platform

Go to, click on your app, and click on the Insights tab. By default you will see insights such as memory and CPU usage for all of the active components of your app. From here, you can click on a component to filter insights by component.

Insights screen with time interval drop-down visible

You can use the drop-down to change the date and time range for which insights are being displayed. You can also click the “refresh” button to retrieve new insights that have become available since the page was initially loaded, and use the drop-down to the right of the “refresh” button to schedule automatic retrieval of new insights at the given time intervals (e.g. every five minutes).

Related Concepts

The Insights Dashboard in App Platform helps you monitor the resource usage for your app. You can visually plot the percentage of your available CPU and memory that is being used, and timelines for bandwidth, latency, cache usage, and CDN throughput. These insights can be filtered by component, and the timeline range can be expanded or contracted by changing the time interval being displayed (e.g. “Last 6 hours”).