Sample App for Go

We provide a sample app using Go that you can deploy on App Platform.

To try it out, fork the Go GitHub repository to your account so that you have a copy of it stored to the cloud.

Then, create an app using your fork of this repo as the source. App Platform will inspect the code, automatically detect the kind of component to create, and use the correct buildpack to create and deploy a container. From there, you can push changes to your fork and see App Platform automatically re-deploy the update to your app.

The README file in the root of the sample app's repository has full instructions on how to run this particular sample, including any configuration details you may need to adjust, how to make changes and instantly see them live, and lifecycle management information.


  • Go apps must use a package manager in order to be built by App Platform. Supported package managers are: Go modules, dep, Godep, govendor, and Glide.
  • Go apps whose dependencies reside in private git repos may fail to build. To resolve, follow the instructions in Heroku's documentation for configuring authentication with private git repos for their Go buildpack; the techniques described there will also work in App Platform. Alternatively, you can also vendor the dependencies into the repo.