How to Add Standby Nodes Limited Availability

Managed Databases are currently in limited availability. Learn more.

Standby nodes maintain copies of the primary node and are automatically promoted to replace the primary node in the event of a failure. When a standby node is promoted to primary, it is able to process both reads and writes. This differs from read-only nodes, which are nodes replicated from your primary node intended to take on read operations. Read-only nodes can be placed in geographical regions separate from the primary node in order to reduce latency for users in those regions. For more detail, see Cluster High Availability.

You can add up to two standby nodes when you create a cluster. Afterward, you can add and manage standby node on the cluster’s Settings tab.

Open the cluster’s More menu and select Settings:

Screenshot of Cluster More menu

On the Settings page in the Cluster configuration section, click Edit.

Screenshot of Cluster More menu

From here, open the Standby Nodes dropdown and choose the number of nodes. When you’re done, click Save.

Provisioning will begin immediately. The time to complete varies depending on the size of the primary node and its data. Allow at least 5 minutes.