How to Schedule Automatic Updates

Database software updates are fully managed by DigitalOcean on your behalf. The update process consists of three steps:

  1. We create a new cluster with OS-level or db_engine updates applied.
  2. We replicate data from the existing service to the new cluster.
  3. Once the creation and replication is complete, we switch DNS from the original cluster to the updated cluster. (The underlying IP addresses will change.)

There is no downtime associated with these updates, but your database may experience brief periods of latency during the updates.

For security and stability reasons, you cannot pause or stop this maintenance, but you can choose the window of time during which the updates will happen. You can also choose to initiate an update manually when it is available, instead of waiting for the maintenance window.

Change a Maintenance Window

The maintenance window for a cluster applies to its primary node and any standby nodes. Each read-only node has its own maintenance window that is independent of the cluster and other read-only nodes.

To change a cluster’s maintenance window, navigate to the cluster’s Settings page. In the Maintenance Window section, click Edit.

To change a read-only node’s maintenance window, open the node’s More menu, and choose Settings. In the Maintenance Window section, click Edit.

Screenshot of maintenance scheduler window

Here, you can adjust the day of week and start time. The update may begin at any time from in the four hour period following the start time, so if you select Sunday at 7pm, the update may begin at any time between 7pm-11pm.

You can view a cluster’s current maintenance window from its Overview page. Clicking Adjust window there will take you to the Settings page.

Update Manually

When new updates are available, cluster and read-only node Overview pages will have a banner with basic information on the update. Click Review Updates to get more details, including when the updates will be automatically applied.

To immediately initiate an available update ahead of the scheduled maintenance window, click Update Now in the banner. If you want to manually update read-only nodes, you need to visit each individual node.