How to Schedule Automatic Updates Limited Availability

Managed Databases are currently in limited availability. Learn more.

Database software updates are fully managed by DigitalOcean on your behalf. While there is no downtime associated with these updates, your database may experience latency or slowness for brief periods in the update window. For security and stability reasons, these updates cannot be paused or stopped, but you can control the window in which the updates will be applied.

Setting the Maintenance Window

Cluster updates will apply to the primary node and any standbys. The update window for each read-only node is completely independent of the cluster updates and other read-only nodes.

Update the Cluster Maintenance Window

You can update the cluster maintenance window from the cluster’s Settings page in the Maintenance Window section by clicking Edit.

You can also view current maintenance window setting from the cluster’s overview page in the Maintenance window section. Clicking Adjust window will take you to the Settings page.

Screenshot of maintenance scheduler window

Here, you can adjust the day of week and start time. The update may begin at any time from in the four hour period following the start time, so if you select Sunday at 7pm, the update may begin at any time between 7pm-11pm.

Update a Read-Only Node’s Maintenance Window

You can update the read-only node’s maintenance window from the Databases page by opening the node’s More menu, selecting Settings and in the Maintenance window section, clicking edit.

One you’ve opened the scheduler, the process is the same.

The Maintenance Process

We take the following steps to implement an update to Managed Database clusters:

  1. A new cluster is created with OS and/or db_engine updates applied.
  2. Data from existing service is replicated to the new cluster.
  3. When the previous steps are completed successfully, DNS is switched from the old cluster to the new cluster

DNS for the service will remain the same, but the underlying IP address will change.

Update Notifications

When updates are available, a banner is displayed near the top of the page with basic update information on the cluster and read-only Overview page.

Click Review Updates for details, including when the updates will automatically be applied or click Update Now.

Updates, whether applied now or later, may cause slight performance degradation in your database for the duration of the update process but will not create downtime.

If you want to manually apply updates to your cluster’s read-only nodes, be sure visit each individual node.