DigitalOcean Managed Database Clusters Glossary Limited Availability

Managed Databases are currently in limited availability. Learn more.

  • Managed Databases: Managed databases refers to the entire service offered by DigitalOcean.
  • Database Cluster: The cluster itself consists of a primary node and its standby nodes.
  • Nodes
    • Primary Node: Only the primary node is actively written to at any time. It serves as the single source of data for all other node types.
    • Standby Node: Standby nodes maintain a constant copy of the primary node and can automatically take over as primary if the primary node ever fails.
    • Read-only Node: Read-only nodes maintain a constant copy of the primary node and can exist in another datacenter region, allowing much faster read access for globally distributed clients.
  • Connections
    • Backend Connection: The connection between a connection pool and a database cluster.
    • Client Connection: The connection between a database client and a connection pool or directly to a database cluster.
  • Forking: Forking a database cluster rewinds that cluster’s transactions to a specific point in time, then creates a new cluster from that point.
  • High Availability: High availability means a service is resilient to failure and has safeguards to prevent extended downtime. The managed cluster becomes highly availabile when you add at least one standby node.