How to Tag Droplets

Tags allow you to apply custom labels to a Droplet. You can filter tagged Droplets, automatically include Droplets in Firewall or DigitalOcean Load Balancer configurations by tag, and use the DigitalOcean API to initiate an action across multiple Droplets with the same tag.

Where You Can Add Tags

You can add tags to Droplets during creation or after. To add during creation, at the bottom of Droplet create page, in the Choose a hostname portion of the Finalize and create section, click the Add Tags link to tag the Droplet or Droplets you’re creating.

The Add Tags link on the Droplet create page

You can add and modify tags for existing Droplets at any time using the Droplet’s More menu. Additionally, on the project dashboard, you can hover over an untagged Droplet’s row of information to reveal the Add tags link.

The Droplet More menu

On the Droplet’s page, you can also use the Tags link in the left menu.

The Droplet page with Tags emphasized

Manage Tags

No matter which way you navigate, the Manage Tags window will open. Here, you can add single-word tags separated by pressing SPACEBAR or ENTER after each term. Press BACKSPACE to remove the last tag on the list. Navigate between tags with the arrow keys and press DELETE to remove the highlighted tag.

You can’t edit the name of a tag. Instead, add a new tag and delete the old one.

The Add Tags window

Choosing terms that describe a Droplet’s function can help you to locate and administer the Droplets that share common roles. For example, you might tag Droplets by:

  • Environment, like production, staging or development.
  • Application, like web servers (Apache) or database servers (MariaDB).
  • Purpose, like a project name or any other key term that describes the use of the Droplet.
  • Person, like the individual or team responsible for managing the Droplet.

Filter by Tag

On the dashboard of a project, you can find your Droplets’ tags in the Tags column. When a Droplet is labeled with more than one tag, they are sorted alphabetically with the first tag displayed, followed by a plus sign and the number of additional tags. Clicking on the number reveals the other tags.

Multiple Tags with the number open

Click on a tag to open the list of all Droplets with that tag:

The filtered tag list

Filter lists are limited to a single tag, displayed at the top of the list.