How to Create and Restore Droplets with Backups

Navigate to the Droplet in the DigitalOcean Control Panel, and then click the Backups link. If at least one backup has been taken for your Droplet, it will be listed in the Droplet backups section with a drop-down menu.

Create Droplet

Choosing Create Droplet from a backup’s More menu will bring you to the Droplet create screen with the image for that backup selected. This is useful to create new Droplets with the same data and configuration as the original and to view or restore a small number of files to the original Droplet.

Once the new Droplet is created from the backup, you can copy files between the original and new Droplet using SCP or rsync. See How To Copy Files With Rsync Over SSH for more information on copying files between servers with rsync.

Restore Droplet

Choosing Restore Droplet from a backup’s More menu will replace the current Droplet with the backup image. Because restoring a backup to your Droplet will erase existing data on that Droplet, confirmation is required to complete the operation:

Restore Droplet window

This is useful if you want to completely revert a Droplet to an older point in time, but you will lose any changes on the Droplet that happened after the backup was taken.

Restoring from a backup will turn your Droplet off during the restoration process and turn it back on automatically once the restoration is complete.