How to Enable and Disable Backups

Enable Backups on a New Droplet

You can enable backups during Droplet creation.

To create a new Droplet with backups enabled, from the control panel, open the Create menu and select Droplets. Choose the distribution and Droplet size that fits your needs. Under the Add backups header, click the Enable Backups button:

Enable Backups During Droplet Creation

Once you have selected any other options, choose a hostname for the Droplet and click Create.

If you’re using the API to create a Droplet, you can enable backups by adding "backups": true to the request body.

Enable Backups on an Existing Droplet

You can enable backups for any existing Droplet through the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

If you didn’t enable backups during Droplet creation, you can still enable them at any time through the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

To enable backups on an existing Droplet, navigate to the list of Droplets for your account, click the Droplet name for which you’d like to enable backups, and then click the Backups menu item. This will display the cost of backups for the given Droplet. Click the Enable Backups button to enable backups.

Enable Backups for an Existing Droplet

Disable Backups

You can disable backups at any time from the Droplet’s page, in the Backups section. Disabling backups will delete any existing backup images for the Droplet, so make sure to convert any backup images you want to save to Snapshots first.