How to Transfer a DigitalOcean Snapshot to a Different User or Team

You can transfer snapshots to another DigitalOcean user or to any DigitalOcean team that your account is a member of. Before you transfer a snapshot, you should know:

  • Snapshots are transferred, i.e. moved, not copied.

    Once you transfer a snapshot to another user or team, it will no longer be available in your account. You can create a second snapshot before transferring if you’d like to retain a copy.

  • IP addresses are associated with Droplets, not snapshots.

    This means snapshot transfers aren’t well-suited for moving applications with IP-based configuration settings. You can accomplish this kind of transfer more smoothly using DigitalOcean teams.

Transfer a Snapshot

In order to transfer a Droplet to another DigitalOcean user or team, you will first need to take a snapshot of it.

When you transfer a snapshot, it is removed from your account. If you want to keep a copy of the snapshot after transferring, you will need to take two snapshots of the Droplet. To create a copy of an existing snapshot, you can create a temporary Droplet from the snapshot and take a snapshot of that, then destroy the Droplet.

To transfer a snapshot, visit the Images tab in the main navigation and locate the snapshot you want to transfer. Open the snapshot’s More menu and select Change Owner.

Snapshot more menu with change owner highlighted

In the Transfer to another user menu that opens, either select User and enter the user’s email address in the text field, or select Team and select a team account from the pull-down menu. Then, click Transfer Snapshot.

The recipient of your snapshot will not receive an email or control panel notification about the transfer. You’ll need to notify the user or team. It may be helpful to include a link directly to the next section, Receiving a Snapshot.

If you’re transferring to a team, under most circumstances you can accept the transfer yourself. If you transfer from your account to a team on which you have only the “Biller” role, however, you might need to contact a member or owner.

Once you initiate the transfer, the menu title changes to Snapshot Transfer Pending, and the options change to a single Cancel Transfer button.

Pending snapshot transfer requests with the accept/decline window open

The icon next to the snapshot will continue to move even after the menu is closed. You can return to the Images page and open the snapshot’s More menu and choose Cancel Transfer any time before the recipient accepts it.

Once transfer of a snapshot is complete, you will no longer be billed for it.

Receiving a Snapshot

You will not receive an email or control panel notification if someone requests to transfer a snapshot to your account. The sender should notify you directly.

To respond to a snapshot transfer request, log into the account to which the image was transferred and, if necessary, switch to the specific team. Then, in the main navigation click Images and visit the Snapshots tab. A Pending Transfer section will appear.

A snapshot is a duplicate of the Droplet from which it was taken. This means a sender could potentially access Droplets made from a snapshot, so take care when choosing to accept a transfer.

Open the snapshot’s More menu to Decline or Accept the transfer.

Pending transfer request

When you accept the transfer, it will appear in the Snapshots table. The More menu contains the same options that are available for snapshots you create yourself, including Create Droplet. After accepting a transfer, you may need to reload the page to see it.

More menu open with Create Droplet highlighted

The original owner of the snapshot will not receive notification of your decision. If you accept the transfer, the snapshot will silently disappear from their account. You may want to let them know once you’ve accepted or rejected.