Snapshot Overview

Plans and Pricing

Snapshots are charged at a rate of $0.05/GB per month. Pricing is based on the size of the snapshot, not the size of the filesystem being saved.

There is no additional charge for making a snapshot available in multiple regions.

Regional Availability

Snapshots are available for all Droplets and Block Storage volumes across all regions.


  • Retention: Snapshots are retained indefinitely until manually deleted.

Snapshots are independent from the Droplets used to create them. If you delete a Droplet without removing a snapshot based on it, that snapshot will still be accessible on the Images page in the Snapshots tab, and you will still be billed for it.


  • If you create a Snapshot of a Droplet, it will not include a Snapshot of any additional Block Storage Volumes attached to the Droplet. However, you can create Snapshots of Block Storage Volumes separately.
  • Snapshots of Block Storage volumes cannot be moved between regions or transferred to a different DigitalOcean account.