Kubernetes Resources

Additional Tools for Managing Kubernetes

The DigitalOcean API

See the API documentation on Kubernetes for more information.

The DigitalOcean Command Line Client, doctl

From the latest version of doctl, run doctl help kubernetes for the list of available commands.

Linkerd 2 Service Mesh

Linkerd 2 is a third-party tool for monitoring Kubernetes. It is implemented as a service mesh, a collection of lightweight network proxies that sit external to your application code. Linkerd 2 complements DigitalOcean advanced Kubernetes monitoring by providing service-level observability.

The Linkerd installation documentation has detailed setup instructions, including dependency verification. Once installed, the Linkerd dashboard displays first-line metrics, including:

  • Success rate
  • Request throughput
  • 50th, 95th and 99th percentile response latency

Linkerd surfaces top request path metrics as well, with the option to dive into metrics for a single pod or deployment.

Linkerd dashboard top line metrics

Linkerd includes Grafana to visualize the metrics it collects, and it provides several dashboards out of the box.

Linkerd Grafana dashboard

By default, Linkerd instruments its own service, but also comes with an optional demo application, emojivoto, to try it out before you instrument your own applications.

More Information

To learn about Kubernetes itself, the official Kubernetes documentation is a great resource for detailed instructions, conceptual overviews, and more.

Kubernetes has a conceptual overview of cloud controller managers (CCMs). The Kubernetes CCM for DigitalOcean is open source and provides several example manifests for DigitalOcean Load Balancers and node labels and addresses.

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