Floating IPs

DigitalOcean floating IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses that you can assign to Droplets and instantly remap between other Droplets in the same datacenter. Use floating IPs with a failover mechanism as part of a high availability infrastructure.

Plans and Pricing

Floating IPs are free when assigned to a Droplet.

Floating IPs cost $0.006/hour when reserved but not assigned to a Droplet, due to the shortage of available IPv4 addresses. You are not billed unless you accrue $1 or more.

Regional Availability

Floating IPs are available in all datacenters. They are region-specific resources and can only be assigned to Droplets within the same datacenter.


Floating IPs let you redirect network traffic between any of your Droplets within the same datacenter. Assigning a floating IP to a Droplet doesn’t replace or change its original public IP address.

You can use floating IPs to create server infrastructures without single points of failure, but a floating IP alone does not automatically provide high availability. For a setup to be highly available, you need to implement a failover mechanism to automate the process of detecting failures of the active server and reassigning the floating IP to a passive server.

Animated active/passive diagram

You can manage floating IPs with the API for automatic reassignment.


  • By default, you can reserve three floating IPs per account. If you reach this limit, you can request more through the control panel.

  • Floating IPs do not support PTR (rDNS) records.

  • We do not support IPv6 floating IPs. All floating IPs are IPv4.

  • We do not support floating IPs for DigitalOcean Kubernetes worker nodes.

  • A Droplet must have an anchor IP before you can assign a floating IP to it. Droplets created after October 20, 2015 automatically have an anchor IP, and you can create an anchor IP on older Droplets.