How to Manage Load Balancers

You can manage your existing load balancers by going to the load balancer index page.

Click Networking in the main navigation, and then click Load Balancers. All of your existing load balancers will be displayed:

DigitalOcean Existing Load Balancers

Click on an individual load balancer name to view the Droplets currently attached to that load balancer:

DigitalOcean Load Balancer Detail Page

Clicking on a Droplet name takes you to the Droplet’s detail page. If you are managing backend Droplets by name, you can add additional Droplets by clicking the Add Droplets button. If you are managing by tag, you will instead have an Edit Tag button to change the selector tag.

Click the Graphs tab to get a visual representation of traffic patterns and infrastructure health:

DigitalOcean Load Balancer Graphs

The Frontend section holds graphs related to requests to the load balancer itself, while the Droplets section beneath it provides insight into the traffic that each Droplet handles.

Clicking Settings gives you the opportunity to modify the way that the load balancer functions:

The load balancer settings screen

You will be able to modify almost all of the settings you selected during the creation process. Additionally, you can delete the load balancer here if you no longer need it.